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Webair Hosting They make our life so easy!

Webair are great they know what we need to run smooth at the drop of a hat and there's always someone skilled who can take care of us. They have a great attitude and we share personal phone numbers in case of emergencies, and whenever we're in the same town together we make a habit of meeting up. If you're looking for easy and trouble free operation Webair are almost impossible to beat. - Sixzeros Comus Author.

Varzi Network

Varzi Network - Highly recommended by ePower Scripts

Varzi is 100% dedicated to our customers and when it comes to hosting, it's best to go with a company who works for you. The core focus of Varzi Network is to provide you the customer with the services you need when you need them. There is no reason your hosting company should not be able to provide reliable service but the fact is, many hosts don't care.

At Varzi we are able to give piece of mind to our customers about their choice in selecting a hosting provider. We don't just make claims to get your business and we are ready to prove it with our 99.9% network uptime guarantee. If you aren't totally satisfied we will do what it takes to make you satisfied and earn your business month after month.

Varzi Network uses the latest in high-speed technology to provide our customers fast, efficient and accurate data transport. We offer service without the hype and there is no fine print or empty promises.


Comus Thumbs

Comus Thumbs - Rotate your thumbs and increase productivity.

Comus has everything you need to make a Thumb site, Text Tgp, Search Engine, it is a complete database system for managing dynamic content to make money on your site.

Web Design

V1 Biz

We've worked with Dunc for years and he does wicked work for all kinds of sites like cj, tgp, avs or free sites, pixel sites, paysites, mainstream, whatever. He has also worked on the internal design of Comus Thumbs and Epower and the main advertising pages, including this site. Dunc also runs several sites of his own, such as 101teen.com shagsporn.com. We like working with Dunc because he can push the envelope and is always looking to make something that will blow you away.

Webmaster Resources

Ynotmasters AdultNet - Webmaster Portal WebmasterVault Netpond

AdultWebmastersOnline AdultNetSuprise Ynotmasters Xbiz


Visit Htaccess Tools - .htaccess generators for hotlink protection, blocking of hitbots, and much more.

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