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Ordering Comus Epower Trade

Each license is $100 USD per single domain. A subdomain is considered a new domain.

If you want to purchase multiple copies at once, contact me for a special price!


Support is avaliable via email , forums and through the ticket system. Support is currently free!


You may download the free trial version at any time (It is fully featured but will skim 2% of the clicks to Comus TGP Traffic Sites) and displays some advertising on the webmaster and login pages.

After your order has been confirmed, open a ticket and we will fully enable your trial script and remove the skim. Installation is very easy, but if you are not comfortable with installing yourself, we can do it for you for $45, see below for ordering information..


Payment options are listed below.

Payment Option Order License
Order Single Licence via Credit Card
Click here to order via credit card

Clickbank Inc is an authorized retailer for Epower, Comus Thumbs and Sixzeros Pty Ltd, Australia.

Order Single Licence Via PayPal
Order Epower via Epassporte Our Epassporte Account name is 'comus' , once you are logged into epassporte click on the Send Money link and send an individual transfer to account name 'comus'. Then create a ticket and let us know that you have paid via epassporte.
Order Epower via Money Bookers
Our Money Bookers Account name is 'support(at)comusthumbs.com'
Installation Services
Performed by Comus/epower staff
Order Licence Installation By Credit Card

Clickbank Inc is an authorized retailer for Epower, Comus Thumbs and Sixzeros Pty Ltd, Australia.

Our Money Bookers Account name is 'support(at)comusthumbs.com'

Check Contact us for details
Other option?

After Purchase

When you have completed your purchase, create a user at the ticket system and submit a new ticket.

Ticket must include:

  • Payment type.
  • Payment amount.
  • Transaction ID or order number.
  • The domain where you want to use ePower Trader.

Ownership transfers

When selling a script the new owner will be charged $50 for the ownership transfer.

Script moves and domain changes

The fee is $50 and payable through PayPal or ePassporte or credit card by request.

Please submit a ticket in the ticket system if you wish to move a script.

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