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Mainpage System

Software Installation



Where is the admin located?

http://www.yourdomain/ept/eptadmin/ if you have installed to the /ept/ folder

http://www.yourdomain/eptadmin/ if you have installed to the / web root folder

http://www.yourdomain/ct/eptadmin/ if you have installed to the /ct/ folder

What does "Alternative Out URL" mean?

This is the url non-unique hits will be sent to. Could be your sponsor or another site of yours.

Why are some of my trades red?

It means the trades is disabled. It will not receive any hits. You can enable the trade again by editing it.

Why are some of my trades lightblue?

The lightblue background color means the trade has been disabled by the anti cheat system. The trade will not receive any hits.

How do I use the IP Blocker?

In order to block ips with the IP Blocker you need to setup a htaccess file in your web root. Click "IP Blocker" in your admin and then "View htaccess". Below the text area you will see how the standard htacces looks like. It should like something like:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond /path/to/your/webroot/%{REMOTE_ADDR} -f
RewriteRule .* http://www.google.com/ [R]

Copy the standard code to the text area and click update. If the code isnt saved you will need to upload an empty file to your web root and rename it to .htaccess. Then chmod it to 666.
If ePower Trader is still not updating your htaccess, go to settings and check that "Path To IPBlocker Dir" and "Path To Htaccess" is correct, and start over.

When you the htaccess is setup ips you ban in EPT will be blocked from your site and redirected to www.google.com.

Please dont hesitate to contact me if you are having problems with the IP Blocker.

What is the Watchlist?

The watchlist is used to mark trades, good ones as bad ones. Trades added from the webmaster page will automatically be added to the watchlist. Trades on the watchlist is marked yellow in the admin.

How does the mainpage system work?

The Main Page system allows ePower to automatically control the flow of incoming traffic to your site it also manages the hit tracking.

First you need to copy the /ept/index.php file up to your webroot and set your server up to load this file as your default index page by using something like this in your .htaccess or httpd.conf.

DirectoryIndex index.php index.shtml index.html main.html main.shtml

From here index.php will load first and track the incoming hits and then automatically decide what HTML to load depending on geo and niche information.

Please note that index.php is encoded and that you CAN NOT view or edit it.

There are several options now for how to load your pages.

1. By default index.php loads the /EPTPATH/mainpages/standard.html document as an include. You can just place HTML in this file and it will be loaded as your main page.

2. Because the index.php loads the /EPTPATH/mainpages/standard.html as an include, you can can execute PHP code from the main page, and you can use this to load other pages. So if you want to include a file on your mainpage you can use:

<?php include("filename.html"); ?>
. In order for this to work, you would create a file called "filename.html" and place it in your web root folder that should be the same folder that you place the index.php file from epower.

This also means that you CAN NOT use SSI commands with ePower Trader, instead the commands can be rewritten in PHP. If you need help to this please contact me.

This advanced mainpage structure also means that Auto Gallery Pro/SQL users must change some configurations in their TGP script.

PLEASE NOTE: When you preview your mainpage from the admin, the mainpage will included in a file in the admin dir. This means that all your images will appear broken. To fix this you can change:
<img src="images/mylogo.gif"> to <img src="/images/mylogo.gif">

I use a script that generates my HTML (ie Autogallery SQL/Comus/Tmanager). What should I do?

Please read the info above then continue.
In order to make ePower Trader work with Auto Gallery Pro/SQL or maybe another TGP script, you must change some configurations in your script.
Lets say your main site is genereated as "tgp.html" by AGP. What we want to is to have this page displayed when going to index.php (the in-script in EPT).
There are 2 ways to do this. Go with #1 if you are insecure how to setup AGP properly.

  1. Go to your EPT admin and click on "Mainpages". Copy the following code and paste it into the textfield.
    <?php include($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/tgp.html"); ?>
    If your main page is not "tgp.html" but maybe "main.html" change "tgp.html" to "main.html" in the above code.
  2. Before proceeding you might wanna backup your template files in AGP as these are changed to default after this tutorial.
    Go to your AGP setup page and change your main TGP file to http://www.yourdomain.com/mainpages/standard.html. Change "yourdomain.com" to the correct domain. You might need to change some paths and other settings before saving.

How can my trades send to my archive pages?

All pages that receive traffic directly from trades must go through the index.php file.
Let say you have an archive page that will receive traffic from trades. It is placed on http://www.domain.com/archives/teen.html. You will need to add this mainpage to ePower Trader. To do this:

  • Go the eptadmin and click "Mainpages".
  • Type in a name and a file name, ie teen and teen.html.
  • Click "Create".

EPT will create a mainpage in the "/mainpages" dir named "teen.html". Now we need to have this new mainpage include the original mainpage, "/archives/teen.html". To do this select the new mainpage in the dropdown menu and click "Edit". Now copy the below code and paste it into the textarea:

include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/archives/teen.html');

If the path to your original mainpages isnt "/archives/teen.html" change the path in the code.

  • Click "Update Mainpage" to save the mainpage.
  • Close the mainpage window to go back to the trades admin.

Lets say you want your trade "example.com" to see the "/archives/teen.html" page when traffic is sent to index.php.

  • Select "example.com" and click "Edit".
  • In the new window you can edit the mainpage displayed for the trades's surfers.
  • Select the new mainpage, "Teen", and click "Submit" to update the trade settings.

Hits from "example.com" will now be shown "/archives/teen.html" when they go to "http://www.domain.com/".

How to install Zend Optimizer on Linux/FreeBSD?

This tutorial requires some server knowledge. If you can not install Zend Optimizer with these instructions ask your host to install it. If you are on a unmanaged server and you do not feel comfortable with installing any software, create a ticket in the ticket system and I will install Zend Optimizer for you.

  1. Download Zend Optimizer from http://www.zend.com/store/free_download.php
    Be sure to download the correct file for your server.
  2. Upload the file to your server with ftp or what ever you are most comfortable with.
  3. Logon to your server with SSH and cd to the directory where you uploaded the file.
  4. Untar the file with "tar -xzf <filename>". Replace <filename> with the name of the file.
  5. Cd to the new directory created. Probably "ZendOptimizer-2.1.0b-Linux_glibc21-i386" or similar.
  6. Type "find / -name php.ini" to locate your php.ini file. Remember the path or write it down.
  7. Type "./install.sh" to run the installation script and follow the instructions.
  8. Restart Apache.

How to use cron with EPT?

You can use a cronjob to do calculations, anticheat checking and reseting of stats. This can speed up your site when running with heavy traffic and many trades. To enable cronjob you should goto "Settings" in your eptadmin and set "Use Cronjob" to "Yes". Now you need to setup the cronjob.

Now logon to your server using SSH or similar. Type "crontab -e" at the console to edit your crontab file. Move the cursor to the bottom and insert this:

* * * * * php /path/to/ept_cron.php

You can test your cronjob by executing the command "php /path/to/ept_cron.php". The output should be something like "Execution time: 0.118901014328".

Linking Codes

If epower has been installed to the /ept/ folder then your linking codes are as below, but if you have installed to another path you will need to modify your links accordingly. IE: if you have installed directly to your web root then you will need a path like /out.php? instead of /ept/out.php?.

Normal linking.


Track links.


Perm link to your trade "oneofmytrades.com".


A link to "http://www.somesite.com/blah.html".


Skim 60% to "http://www.somegallery.com", rest to trades.


First click to gallery, rest with 60% skim.
TIP: Change f=1 to f=2 or f=3 to send first two or first three clicks to galleries.


Sends only to trades in the group "my_group".


Comus Setup
Comus Thumbs requires the linking codes to be entered into the settings page in the 'Text Link Settings' and 'Thumb Link Settings' sections. In version 2.51 these are the prefix settings and are currently around setting #62 and setting #69.
Standard Text Link Prefix settings for Comus Thumbs, Setting #62
Standard Thumb Link Prefix settings for Comus Thumbs, Setting #69

If you're still having troubles getting link codes to work, hit us up in the comus forums here
Visit Htaccess Tools - .htaccess generators for hotlink protection, blocking of hitbots, and much more.

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